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MyAtari magazine and bring you the latest scene news.  

CHU CHU ROCKET - new game for the ATARI STe an Falcon030

Posted by MrPink / ReservoirGods at on 01/10/01

Guildford, Surrey - September 2001. The Reservoir Gods announce the
imminent release of "Chu Chu Rocket"; an arcade puzzle game for the
Atari STe and Falcon030.

"Chu Chu Rocket" originally appeared on the 128-bit Sega Dreamcast
console and immediately gained critical acclaim for its innovative
and addictive gameplay.

"Chu Chu Rocket" is a game for 1 to 4 players. It incorporates a
number of different modes of play including a four player battles,
single player puzzle levels and co-operative challenge stages.

The base machine for the game is the Atari STe, it was felt that this
was the minimum requirement to achieve a comparable gaming experience
to the 128-bit original. The extra hardware features of this machine
are used to their fullest extent, including the blitter, extended
palettes, jaguar pad support and stereo sampled sound.

The game features graphics by "shTHREE" and new Reservoir Gods member
"neo". It also has an unprecedented 14 pieces of exclusive new Sid-
Sound music composed by the award winning "MSG".

All the original sound effects from the DreamCast version have been
sampled for this version, including all the sampled speech.

The game features 100 levels of puzzles across 4 different worlds, 25
levels of multiplayer gaming and 25 challenge stages. There are extra
secret features which get unlocked on completing sections of the

Reservoir Gods were formed in 1994 as a software team developing
products for Atari computers. There releases to date include the
games "Double Bobble 2000", "Tautology 2", "SkyFall", "Static" and
"Bunion Canyon". They have also created the art package "GodPaint",
GameBoy emulator "GodBoy", Nintendo NES emulator "GodleNES" and have
been responsible for the disk magazine "Maggie".

After a period of inactivity, they are now hard at work creating new
products for the Atari platform, ably supported by new members "neo"
and technical specialist "Griff" (formerly of "Inner Circle").

"Chu Chu Rocket" is set to ship in October 2001.



MyAtari magazine launch new forum

Posted by Matthew Bacon at on 30/09/01

Dear MyAtari readers,

Following several weeks work (a complete re-write from scratch), I am proud to announce that the MyAtari /
MagiC Online forum is back online!

Please use this forum to discuss Atari related topics and ask Atari related questions. I hope that this forum will provide you with many hours of fun!

Best Regards,

Matthew Bacon, Editor

P.S. Please spread the word...



ASMA 2.2

Posted by pg at 29/09/01

Atari SAP Music Archive
has been updated again. Now it contains over 1270 Atari XL/XE tunes (about 100 new songs since the last update). Get it at the homepage along with a SAP player (Win32, Linux, STE/TT/Falcon, MacOS, BeOS supported).



Simon ST and Midi Player ST Page created

Posted by Tim Conrardy at

I have now put together my SIMON ST page with a new addition of a newly released program by Johanna called MidiPLayer ST. It is a simple Midi file player that can be used WITHOUT MONITOR. Good for the gigging musician.
So please check it out.



Lumatrix has released his ATARI version of MousMuso

Posted by Tim Conrardy at

Lumatrix has released his ATARI version of MousMuso: an alternate MIDI controller.

By right, left and Both Button clicking of the mouse into the playing field , different effects can be achieved.

Check out this wonderful program ready for download. Works on 030 machines as well.



*NEW* release of SIMON ST!

Posted by Tim Conrardy at

Johanna Bindgen has released a *new* Atari-MIDI algorithmic application called SIMON ST.

It is an arranger, pattern maker and algorithmic composer package (very notator like in its feel).

Go to the link to check out screen shots and download the program. It only works on ST machines and not on 030 machines. Johanna is working on a manual presently.



Funmedia Update

Posted by Patrick Eickhoff at

Patrick Eickhoff, the author of funmedia, has improved his graphics program Funmedia. Funmedia is now capable of editing Quake 2 Models (*.MD2) and animated 3D-Objects.

On his homepage, Patrick Eickhoff has also some News concerning is new game "Legend of Espen"



New URL for Tim's Atari Midi World

Posted by Matthew Bacon at

All of you should be familiar with the name Tim Conrardy. Tim is not only a regular contributor to MyAtari magazine, but also the webmaster of Tim's Atari Midi World. Due to sporadic connection speeds, Tim has moved his site from to the following new URL:

For further information and details of the Atari-Midi Mailing List, please visit or


ASMA 2.1 is out

Posted by pg at

The last August's day brought another big Atari SAP Music Archive update. Not it contains over 1180 songs from your beloved Atari XL/XE games, demos, and other production. SAP players are available for PC/Win32, Atari STE/TT/Falcon, MacOS, Linux, and newly also BeOS.



CD Writer Suite v3.2 now available!

Anodyne Software is pleased to announce that CD Writer Suite v3.2 is now available. New features in this update are:

  • creation of audio CDs from MP3 files
  • backup of large partitions on multiple CDs
  • CDextra support
  • 6x writing speed on Centurbo
  • many other enhancements and bug fixes.

Registered users of CD Writer Suite can upgrade at no cost from Anodyne Software web site. CD Writer Suite is a comprehensive Compact Disc recording package, which contains three programs:

CDwriter creates audio CDs that can be played back on a standard audio CD player or on your CD-ROM drive.

CDbackup backs up hard disk partitions to data CDs, which can be used to restore the entire partition or to recover individual files. Long filenames are supported.

CD InScriptOr creates standard ISO9660 CDs that can be read on most systems, including TOS, MagiC, Windows and Linux. Long filenames are supported. It supports many brands of CD-R and CD-RW recorders and works on all Atari systems.

For more information, please contact Anodyne Software by email at, or visit our web site at

MyAtari magazine - News, September 2001

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