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Matthew and Shiuming,

Kudos for both of you and the fine work you do for the on-line, myatari. I think it quite extraordinary, your powers of persistence and persuasion on viewing the many wonderful updates, and explanations, for various programs and their use. Congratulations.

Will the Classifieds portion of the site be resurrected? I have a number of 16-bit, and a few 8-bit items I should like to pass along to interested users one day. In the northeast of Nebraska, USA, I have not met an Atari user/experimenter person in many years. I need to be thinking about homes for these as I am not getting any younger. Seems to me, myatari classifieds would be the way to go.

Kindest regards,


Matthew replies:
Yes it will. I had to unfortunately take it down a few weeks ago due to a nasty hacker/spammer using the classifieds service to post inappropriate material on the site. Although I stepped up security, he/she/it managed to work them out. I hope to post a new classifieds script by the end of the month.

Thanks for the compliments, they are very much appreciated.


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