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Happy Birthday MyAtari
Welcome to the birthday issue of MyAtari magazine. Yes that's right, MyAtari is already two years old. It seems like only yesterday that Shiuming and I were sitting down and thrashing out ideas for a "new" on-line Atari mag.

I'm pleased to report that this year has run a lot smoother than our first. This has been mostly down to our new - and more reliable - host, Joshua Internet. I'm sure you'll agree, this year has seen MyAtari grow from strength to strength. For example, MyAtari now boasts an official mirror at, a back issues mirror at as well as an on-line store.

[Screen-shot: Take a trip down memory lane with our back issues]But all these wonderful technical improvements would have been a waste of time without great content. Month after month, our contributors have managed to produce some fabulous articles and reviews and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "thank you" and "encore!".

While proud of our achievements so far, the MyAtari team have no intention of resting on our laurels as last month's issue clearly demonstrates, ending up a mighty 9.5 MB!

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone involved in the magazine for their continued support and encouragement. In particular, I would like to express my thanks to Shiuming for his help, support and pointing out all my mistakes and spelling errorz over the last two years. Thank you!

Please remember, MyAtari is a magazine for you the user, and it can only get better through your active support. Let's make the next 12 issues even better than the last!

Regards and best wishes,

Matthew Bacon

Matthew Bacon, Editor

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A landmark issue indeed! Let me first thank all of our supporters thus far, I'm constantly impressed by your enthusiasm and capacity for new ideas. I certainly haven't noticed the time pass and I'm glad to have so many talented people around me. At the current rate I may have to order some of our contributors to take a holiday so I can catch my breath!

As if the magazine being free wasn't enough, reader and good friend Paul Williamson recently commented that we should also give away as a free gift the time to read it! I'm not sure how to do that but if there are any mad scientists among you up to the challenge then please contact us via the usual address. Meanwhile I suggest anyone having difficulty digesting our monthly output get in some speed-reading training, it's all relative...

This issue sees the beginning of another regular column, please give a warm welcome to Larry Petit of the Atarinvader team - he's your man for the 2600. Like our Tim's Atari MIDI World column, what we have in the magazine here is just a taster of another publisher in its own right, if you enjoy the column, and I'm sure you will, head straight over to the Atarinvader web site (, where you'll find more articles, news and even a superb little Atari comic strip.

At last the weather is cold enough again that I can completely open my windows at night while running my equipment at full pelt, without fear of my room turning into a sauna. Living next to a railway embankment, I've got used to the regular noise of passing trains but one thing which has never ceased to annoy me is the endless stream of light-seeking nocturnal insects crawling over my monitors or dropping dead in a messy pile under my 150 W light bulb as I try to keep cool. What this means is I can work more efficiently, which is a good thing especially for the magazine.

Off to work now, got a busy issue ahead, catch you again same time next month.

Shiuming Lai

Shiuming Lai, Features and Technical Editor

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