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Oops, the link..

Posted by pg at on 03/11/01

ASMA Homepage address:



SAP WinAmp plug-in now supports STILView!

Posted by pg at on 03/11/01

The newest version of WinAmp plug-in for replaying Atari XL/XE music in SAP format now supports STILView. STIL is a text-based database contained in ASMA archive that contains interesting facts about many songs in the collection. Get the player and Atari SAP Music Archive at the ASMA homepage.


Atari rom images site

Posted by asteroid at on 31/10/01

As rumours are rifle of at least two Falcon emulators for the PC, I thought that some TOS 4.x images ought to be listed somewhere for people to download. A short while ago I was looking for Jaguar boot image for an emulator as well which took me absolutley ages to find, was eventually found buried in a Polish FTP site somewhere,

After much faffing about, I decided that all the these important Atari rom images ought to be listed all in one place, so the Atari firmware page was born!! is your one stop place for TOS images in many languages and other Atari OS image files for emulation junkies!!



Press release about software patents war

Posted by Pascal Ricard at on 26/10/01

A Press Release about the "war" against softwre patents was sent
recently to the following media:

Le Monde
Le Monde Interactif
Le Figaro
Les Echos
Internet Actu
The Register
as well as to smaller media

You can read it at the following URL:
french version :

english version:
(translation done by Octavia, only a few sentences modified)

EuroLinux will publish a PR in the middle of this week which will support
ours but with also the "libre software" and commercial software players.



Fractal Music ST Doc Ready!

Posted by Tim Conrardy at on 24/10/01

Chris Sansom, author of Fractal Music ST has now completed the Docs in
PDF format. They are now available on the UPDATED FMST page on my
site.He has done an excellent job with plenty of illustrations within
the text.



uip micro tcp/ip stack for 8-bit atari?

Posted by TXG/MNX at on 21/10/01


A few weeks ago uip was presented. It's a 4Kb tcp/ip stack written in CC65. It can be ported to several 8-bit computers. It already runs on a stock c64 with a SLIP connection.
To see the web-server on the c64:

Now after this a few people looked and saw that almost the complete code could be compiled to be used on the 8-bit Atari. Only the rs232c part from the c64 is different. Ken Siders has started a rewrite for this part and he is already 3/4 complete. The you will have uip+web-server + slip connection on the 8-bit. After this he wants to write a PPP layer so you can connect directly with modem to the internet...

Let's hope this all will be finished soon...


Fractal Music ST now FREEWARE

Posted by Tim Conrardy at on 17/10/01

Chris Sanson has finally released to me his wonderful program called FRACTAL MUSIC ST. It is now available on the newly created page at TAMW.I also created a new STEEM page with installation instructions. Fractal Music ST runs in steem as well.



MyAtari crack 40,000 hits!

Posted by Matthew Bacon at on 15/10/01

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us break the 40,000 hit barrier!

Lets break 50,000 hits before the end of the year.


AEX : New MIDI Tangerine Dream Machine!

Posted by Tim Conrardy at on 14/10/01

Dr Ambient has released a "beta " version of his program called AEX. It is an analog sequencer emulator with some intelligent twists to it. I was pleased to be the beta tester. Come have a look and also download the results on a newly created page at TAMW.

Link -

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