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Shiuming Lai finds a great sound utility for Falcon control-Meisters

We've no shortage of programs for tweaking just about every tweak able aspect of our Atari computers, mostly generic stuff from VDI palette to system input response and the ubiquitous key-click toggle. One area I've found lacking in the control department is the audio sub-system of the Falcon. There is Atari's limited CPX effort which allows setting the master volume, balance and microphone gain. Another program which comes to mind even displays a graphical status of the SDMA routing matrix but, frustratingly, doesn't do much else.

Iphigénie is different. It's a superb interface which gives comprehensive control over the complete internal audio circuit by means of an interactive diagram, consisting of the SDMA matrix, A/D:D/A channels, level controls, mixers and PSG (Programmable Sound Generator). There are also buttons to reset and lock/unlock the SDMA and DSP. Very useful for recovering audio functionality after a spurious process termination or exit from a badly-written program.

The real fun starts when you start re-routing, mixing and processing the signals, or adjusting the sample rate. At the moment, Iphigénie doesn't permit configuration of external clocks, so if you play a 44.1 or 48 KHz audio file and accidentally change its playback frequency mid-song, you're stuck with the Falcon's internal frequencies until another program alters it. Pierre (the author) says he may try to add these modes in the next update. 

Image of Iphigénie window on the desktop
If you use external D/A convertors and miss your Falcon's
key-click, just route the PSG into the SDMA A/D and out
to the DSP port. It's easy.

For effects, it can load a DSP *.LOD file, containing some algorithm for modifying the audio signal (reverb, flange, modulation...). Pity that the parameters of these effects modules aren't also adjustable, otherwise we'd be having a real party. Last of all, the entire session's status can be saved into a configuration file (*.IPH) which may be read by Iphigénie upon launch or loaded manually.





Pierre Tonthat



Falcon030 or compatible audio sub-system




  • Well-implemented
  • Effective use of bubble help


  • No unit markings or other level indication on sliders


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