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Posted by Ulrich / Matt Bacon at on 19/11/01

>Any news that you can pass on to MyAtari about xTOS?

Yes! The layout of the board has been fixed! The first series of xTOS computers will be fitted with the CF4/MCF 5407 (running at at least 162 Mhz). BUT - exchanging the CPU later on won't be a problem, as the CPU will be fitted onto a socket. Thus, the board will be long-time compatible, as the CF4e and its successors can simply be plugged onto the board via a new socket.

The CF4e will not be available to the public before 3rdQ2002. Anyway, we won't wait for its release but develop a fully functional board beforehand, so that anybody will be able to buy a new and powerful TOS machine within the next few months! We are hoping to have the prototype produced by February/March next year. The layout is being refined for the final production at the moment.

Our plan is to adapt a special TOS version to the xTOS machine, thus allowing individual extensions like Mint or MagiC to be used with it. The next update to our homepage will also see the rise of a side project, aiming to strengthen and enrich our software market - if the users are willing to co-operate.



BIG NEWS: Hotz MIDI Translator Released !

Posted by Tim Conrardy at on 17/11/01

It is now a reality. One of the most sought after , coveteted and rare
MIDI systems is now released as FREEWARE. The Atari Version of the
Hotz MIDI Translator.

I have been working closly with Jimmy Hotz and Accordance Music
Systems in creating a license Agreement and also special ZIPS of the
software. The download page at Accordance is now completed, which is
linked to my page:see link

This page also contains a Tutorial on how to use the software as well
as Pics of the Hotz Box with many links to other Hotz pages on the

This is a very unique tool which is now released to an unsuspecting
Atari-MIDI community. Please go to the page to find out more info
about it as well as the download page of the software itself. However,
you will need to agree to the license before you can download it. You
will also need to provide your Email address and location. This is for
Accordances's internal tracking purposes only. They just want to know
who is actually interested in this type of software. Lets not
dissapoint them!!

This is the cumulation of many months and YEARS of waiting on my part
for this to finally happen! I was able to contact Jimmy Hotz thru
formor Hybrid Arts programmer Tom Bajoras (who was the actual
programmer for the Atari version of the Hotz Translator!) There were
some legal issues to clear up before the release. Finally I contacted
Accordance itself, which was the "current" Hotz Corporation. I had
favourable response, and after several months now , it is finally

I am now happy to present the Atari Version of the Hotz MIDI
translator. ENJOY!



MyAtari launch November issue

Posted by Matthew Bacon at on 13/11/01

Today, MyAtari launch November issue. Please send you article contributions to me ASAP at



MyAtari magazine - News, November 2001

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