16/32 Systems update
Nick Harlow, 04 May 2004

New game called Alpine Games from Duranik Games for the Lynx which is proving very popular and features:

  • 512 KB (4 Mbit) module size
  • Saveable high scores and code for on-line scores
  • Nine individual games
  • Lynx high colour pictures, more than 16 simultaneous colours
  • Digitised sound effects
  • 4-channel digitised music (MOD)
  • Transparency effects
  • Anti-alias effects
  • Seven different characters to select
  • BLL ComLynx Loader, compatible with Lynx I and Lynx II
  • Rendered graphics
  • Packed data (unpacked over 2 MB)
  • Full colour instruction booklet

New CD called Ocean Depths from Starcat Developments for the Jaguar which is a collection of three parts. The first part is a relaxing slideshow similar to the popular Nuon program, "Ambient Monsters". The second part is an early playable demo of Eerievale. Based on the version shown on E-JagFest 2003, just slightly improve). And the third part is a small game on its own. It's called "JagMIND" and I'm sure most people know the original board game Mastermind, this game is based on the same idea. Advance order will be available on the web shop this week, expect to retail around 15 UK. Superb CD for a superb price.

For collectors of Atari trivia we have STNICCC 1990 DVDs. The STNICCC was one of the most successful Atari parties ever, where literally everyone from the scene attended. This DVD is home-made and home-edited, but looks pretty all right especially if you're into that old Atari demo scene. This DVD will be up on the web shop this week and should retail around 7.50 UK.

[Image: JagFest logo]

Show season is coming up and we have three for you to choose from!

  1. Jaguar Connexxion, 29-30 May 2004
  2. JagFest 2004, 12-13 June 2004
  3. Retrovision, 19-20 June 2004

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