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Mouse of a Time


Stochastic Screening - Color Correction


8-bit Games Fair in Germany


Casting a light on DRAM


Atari in the USA 2002


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Game On

[Editor's Foreword banner]

Welcome to the May 2002 issue of MyAtari magazine and what a month it has been. At the beginning of the month, I decided in my infinite wisdom to upgrade our hosting package with our host and move the MyAtari web site to our secondary server at

Unfortunately, Sod's law being what it is... our upgrade took longer than expected, our secondary server was hacked and I was forced to work away from home for three weeks. As a result, MyAtari has experienced quite a bit of disruption of late. However, the good news is that from next month, MyAtari will be back, bigger and better than before!

At the time of writing, I am uploading the MyAtari web site back to our new improved servers at and have just been informed that our new mirror site will soon be on-line. Mirror site? Yep, that's right! Thanks to the generosity of Elliot Swanton (a reader and contributor of MyAtari), the MyAtari web site will soon be mirrored at Therefore, should ever be offline, you'll still be able to read the latest issue and more at our mirror site :-)

[Image: Game On]OK, that is enough about what is happening next month... This issue includes an interview with Rafal Kawecki, the first of a new series by Del McCool entitled Atari in the USA 2002 and reports from the 2nd Video and Computer Games Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany and Game On exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London.

If all this doesn't keep you out of trouble and off the streets until our next issue... I don't know what will!

See you next month,


Matthew Bacon, Editor


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