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Dentist Rod Egglestone comes from a parallel universe where everyone assumes everyone else is using an Atari and attaches Papyrus documents to e-mails instead of writing them in plain text. There also resides our great sister magazine MyPC.

Not only does Rod pack an almighty arsenal at home, his dental practice is also powered by Ataris (although we're slightly suspicious and can only conclude the presence of MIDI and audio equipment here is to drown out patients' screams!).

Picture of Rod's loft

Picture of Rod's loft

"Under the desk is the Hades 060. I use this with the Epson Photo 700 and 1520, and Laserjet 5L with memory expansion to enable 600 dpi A4 printing. I have used the 1520's A2 capability to produce APS style panoramic enlargements from scans and digital photos and even with Imagecopy's 720 dpi output limitation produces decent results, although NVDI 5 can utilise the 1,440 mode to even better effect. The UMAX scanner and ZIP are also on the same SCSI circuit along with a CD writer.

The Mega STE is used for comms and web printouts via the Deskjet 660C.

You  can also see the Samsung A4 portrait monitor which is used with a Veloce enhanced STE and Reflex graphics card which is great for score editing in Cubase.

There is also a Lexmark printer which produces usurpassable output via camera cards, bypassing the computer and has the ability to read from a parallel ZIP drive - very useful for printing out modified JPEGS as you know we lack drivers for this machine on the Atari platform.

Finally, there is the MIDI setup with the Falcon, running Cubase Audio via various SoundPool and FAD interfaces. The hardware comprises a DX7S, D110, R8, U220, TX802, SC55 and 05RW amongst other bits and bobs.

The whole setup is in what was once my daughter's bedroom as she's now swopped to the attic - farther away from us! I would not like to go through the change over again!

Picture of Rod's dental practice

I use the two CT2 Falcons at work for word processing, desktop publishing including production of stationery, business cards, posters, practice brochures, practice information leaflets, and comms. The TT is used as a backup system and for running graphics applications in 16m colours with the Matrix TC card. I do very little audio but like the speed and compactness of the Falcon with CENTurbo. However, it's nice to know the capability is there should I ever have a spare moment at lunchtime!"

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MyAtari magazine - Feature #2, May 2001

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