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ST-Computer... Gone but not forgotten!
At the time of writing I am sitting in what can only be described as Jaguar heaven... otherwise known as JagFest UK. It is almost seven o'clock in the evening and things are starting to wind down. However, the night is still young and I imagine that we will be playing (I mean working) long into the night.

Now, not wishing to spoil our special JagFest UK report (which will be appearing in the next issue), one thing that I have noticed today is, if I didn't know better, I'd say that Tempest 2000 is the only game available for the Jaguar console (as it appears to be playing on 99% of the machines here!). From initial feedback, JagFest certainly appears to have been a success :-)

On a sadder note... For those that don't frequent the on-line newsgroups and forums, it may come as a shock to learn that the German magazine, ST-Computer, will be closing shortly. Following a decline in its subscription numbers, the publisher was forced to wind up the paper-based magazine. However, it is my understanding that its web site will continue and an ST supplement will soon be available in one of Falkemedia's PC platform magazines during the forthcoming months.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in ST-Computer, in particular Thomas Raukamp and Matthias Jaap, for all their hard work over the years and wish them well for the future! The magazine with be sorely missed by one and all.

Now regular visitors to our site will have noticed that updates to the site - including the launch of this issue - have been rather erratic of late. This has been due to increasing work/personal commitments that I've had recently. In April 2003, I started my own web hosting and design company (very scary and expensive), and as a result will be taking a break from MyAtari over the next few months to concentrate on developing my business. On the flip side though, MyAtari no longer has to worry about hosting/bandwidth costs as it is now hosted on my company's servers. Shiuming and the gang will continue to bring the magazine you know and love in my absence.

Have a great summer,

Matthew Bacon

Matthew Bacon, Editor

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Late again
Only one week left until JagFest, as of the time of writing. That's how long we've got to sort ourselves out here, which means getting the June issue started, because come the second half of the month we'll be tied up producing our JagFest report, and there will be a lot to report if the current visitor and hardware/software list is anything to go by.

Fast-forward a week and we're in the thick of it...Time is 23:25 and the basement of the Medway Manor Hotel is rocking with the thunderous noise of Jaguar games and screaming YM2149 SID-sound chip music from various ST and Falcon demos, straight after a huge buffet dinner. Crazy, it looks like being an all-nighter, and having been up since 04:38 with only two hours' sleep, I'm still working feverishly to make some progress on this month's issue. As I type, Chris Holland representing his former magazine, Maggie, is writing his party report on the table behind and to the left, while next to me on the right, someone is racking up obscenely high scores on Tempest 2000 on our Silver Bullet Edition Jaguar. Lack of sleep poses no obstacle, the atmosphere in this room is exploding with energy everywhere and driving us on!

Shiuming Lai

Shiuming Lai, Features and Technical Editor


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