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Fame and Fortune

Welcome to the June issue of MyAtari magazine. What a treat we have in store for you this month! This issue is includes some cracking articles including a report from EIL2, an algorithmic music extravaganza - thanks to our resident music guru Tim Conrardy - and we investigate how to upgrade your 8-bit into a 16-bit!

If that wasn't enough, this issue also includes the second of our two part series Classic Atari images, reviews of and, as well as the results of our recent puzzle competition. Phew!

It appears that our Atari poster reader offer caught your imagination as we no longer have any left in stock! However, we are attempting to locate further stocks of these superb posters and other assorted Atari goodies, so don't worry if you missed out this time around.

On a more positive note... If you required further proof that MyAtari magazine was not about to take over the world, here it is! In the current issue of Internet Magazine (UK edition, published by EMAP), receives a glowing review and scores a very healthy 9/10.

 Internet magazine review

MyAtari scores 9/10!

The review expresses some interesting views and makes some useful suggestions (some of which we've already begun to implement). Our lucky UK readers can pick up a copy of Internet Magazine at their local newsagent (subject to availability).

Well, that kind of wraps it up for this month, until next time!

Matthew Bacon

MyAtari magazine - Feature #1, June 2001

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