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Atari Users Network

Matthew Bacon investigates the recently re-launched

I have always found Atari users to be friendly bunch, unlike the something for nothing brigade on the PC platform. This all for one, one for all spirit is firmly exhibited on the Atari Users Network (AUN) web site at

When you visit, you will find a well designed site which is intuitive to navigate (thanks to its recent makeover) and bursting with features.

At the site you can read and post Atari news and gossip; interact in the chat rooms and on the discussion boards where you are invited to ask Atari related questions and share you knowledge; find up-to-date links to other Atari web site in their rapidly developing links engine; download Atari software from their download bay and vote in their regularly updated visitors poll.

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My only criticism of the site is the animated advert which appears at the top of each page which tends to slow things down which is a shame. However, don't let this put you off as is a fun and interesting site which deserves a place in your bookmark list.

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  • Intuitive design
  • Feature packed
  • Regularly updated


  • Large animated advertising at top of each page
  • Some pages difficult to view in ST High resolution 

MyAtari magazine - Review #1, June 2001

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