Jaguar Multitap

Shiuming Lai tries some four-player gaming


This year's Worms tournament at JagFest UK had a nice surprise in store. You may remember Stephen Moss and his JagStick interface from last year - this time he came with yet another interesting prototype device for the Jaguar controller ports, using it to excellent effect in his tournament. Four Jaguar controllers, each with a nicely made coloured overlay for the keypad, connected to a professional looking box (with CNC machined holes - this man certainly takes pride in his work), which was effectively a more advanced version of Atari's own Team Tap interface.

[Photo: Coloured overlays]

Selection of the active port is player-controlled, and a row of LED indicators on the box (currently only green, not blue, partly for minimal current drain) shows which port is active. It even works with games not specifically designed with Team Tap support. Another use could be to have different controller types permanently connected, to save swapping controllers and, more importantly, wear and tear on the Jaguar's ports.

At the moment the Jaguar Multitap does not require an external power source, it's powered by the Jaguar.

[Photo: Jaguar Multitap]

During the tournament I found the device to work very reliably and I chatted with Stephen about putting it into series production as soon as possible. I also showed him the MultiJoy8 interface for the 8-bit Ataris (issue 16, February 2002, How about an 8-player adapter for the Jaguar?


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