Error In Line 3

More scene party antics from TXG's European tour


Hmm... somewhat late but I didn't forget about this great event so here is my little story. I hope you like it.

This year there was the third edition of the Error In Line party in Dresden, Germany. All three MNX members started travelling to this meeting on 18 April at 01:30. We arrived at the location about 14:00 and there were already some people there. The location already looked very nice.

[Photo: EIL 3 venue entrance]

There were three rooms connected by a hall. The first thing that we saw was this big black and white Atari banner.

[Photo: Atari banner above doorway]

In the hall there were two computers with an internet connection. There were three rooms you could enter from this hall. We went to one of the rooms and started to unpack. The first thing we did was hang our Atari flag so people could find the MNX crew. In the same room there was a second flag, of the Reservoir Gods.

[Photo: TXG and his Atari flag]

[Photo: Reservoir Gods' flag]

After we unpacked we went to the bar to get a beer and pay for the event, and we also bought an original EIL #3 T-shirt. After that we walked around to meet some people that were already there. Then we saw tWh/F2 coming in with his survival kit for the weekend... and he also brought his Atari 8-bit of course.

[Photo: tWh of Foundation Two]

Later that day more and more people arrived. The biggest room was the room where the projector and screen were set up for the competitions, and to show demos and films. The sound was also very good.

[Photo: Projector room]

When we did meet the organizers they were very pleased to see that not only the ST/Falcon030 scene was there but also the people from the 8-bit scene. We were lucky to get some pictures of the happy organizers, No of Escape and 505 of Checkpoint.

[Photo: No of Escape]

[Photo: 505 of Checkpoint]

We had some time to show people the latest demos like Numen on the Atari 8-bit and did some programming for fun as well. I brought an Ethernet interface that could be used with the 8-bit Atari and this was the place we wanted to test it, because the interface arrived just a few hours before we started our trip to Dresden. Meanwhile the Dutch coding group Fun arrived and they also put their computers in our room. They brought this painted Falcon030 that looked really nice...

[Photo: Painted Falcon030]

[Photo: Fox-1]

D-force of Fun brought some extra cables so we could connect our switch to the computers in the hall that were connected to the internet. This was cool because I could test my interface with the internet. After several times we could connect to my Unix host in the Netherlands and even start PINE on the remote host. I sent my first e-mail with this to R.I.K. of Foundation Two and he replied with his webmail account. This was real cool. I showed this to several people and they were thrilled to see that the 8-bit Atari had a working Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection to the internet.

[Photo: Atari 8-bit Ethernet interface]

[Photo: PINE running on a remote host]

[Photo: Full view of XE computer logged into remote server]

Meanwhile more people have arrived, here is our room... (The Dutch room? - Ed)

[Photo: The Dutch room]

The projector room...

[Photo: Projector room]

The bar room...

[Photo: Bar room]

In this same room there were two friendly girls running the bar...

[Photo: Barmaid 1]

[Photo: Barmaid 2]

Later that evening Fox-1 and TWW of MNX were playing MEGA-BLAST on the 8-bit very seriously...

[Photo: Fox-1 and TWW playing games]

I had time to walk around and talk to people… and I had time to see some real active Atarians having fun... Here's tWh and Mr Bacardi playing a game...

[Photo: tWh and Mr Bacardi]

Mr X/Y coding his demo for EIL 3 and R.I.K. playing a game

[Photo: Mr X/Y and R.I.K.]

Of course we needed to eat so we had beer, pizza and a barbecue. The pizzas were big, the maximum size was 60x40cm and D-force found a tool to cut the pizza into pieces...

[Photo: D-force cutting pizza with a CD-R]

Some people seriously at work...

[Photo: CiH and company at work]

[Photo: More people at work]


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