Atari 8-bit hard drive interface

by Del McCool


Because of the over whelming response to my column (Atari in the USA 2002) last month on Sijmen and Sandra Schouten, I am pleased to share the news that Sijmen has decided to build the 8-bit IDE hard drive interface kits and sell them for 39.95 Euro - for those who don't have the time or talent to build there own. He has asked that at least twenty people place orders before he goes forward with this plan.

I went ahead and placed an order for one for my Atari 800XL (which he makes a cartridge version that you can just plug in for ease of use).

So add that hard drive to your Atari 8-bit!

[Photo: Prototype PCB]

Prototype PCB (Production version will be etched and soldered into a professionally manufactured PCB).

Note: Price does not include empty cartridge case, only PCB and interface.

I'll see you next month in Atari in the USA 2002!

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