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My name is Bryan Garcia, founder and president of the Miami International Atari Users Group (MIAUG), but that's not important at this moment, I just wanted to say thanks! Why, you ask well simple enough, because after reading your article on your Mega STE, I fell in love with the machine and found a way to get one and I am now impatiently waiting for it since my 1040STF has gone "hay-wire". On a side note I wish you and MyAtari the best of luck and keep at it as I read in the Dec. 2003 that you where once again with the Mega STE. Say hi to Matthew and also tell him that I wish him the best of luck too.

Have a Happy New Year

Bryan Garcia, USA

    Shiuming Lai replies
    Thank you, Bryan, and happy new year to you and MIAUG, too. Sure, I've heard of you guys, as your man David Sherwin wrote us a nice article last month! I hope we can look forward to more articles, and indeed reports of events you get involved in at the club.

    I'm glad you found the article and enjoyed it enough to buy one of these great computers! I was also your age when I got my Mega STE, perhaps ten years from now we'll get Mega STE Love: Part 2 from yourself?!

    All the best with the club, it's always good to hear of user groups around the world. Promote it to the full, and most importantly, have fun.


Atari prices?
I am a long-standing Atari user but, for various reasons (retirement, down-sizing house, using a Mac with Magic for basic Atari stuff and Papyrus on Mac for word-processing, and more) am disposing of my Atari kit. As you are probably far closer to the market than I are you able to give a guide price for a second hand Falcon, with 500Mb internal hard disc and 14Mb RAM?

If you are too busy to reply I shall understand, but guidance would be appreciated (just as I have appreciated, however passively, your contributions to the Atari world over a number of years).

Brian Mulhall, UK

    Shiuming Lai replies
    Sorry to hear you're getting rid of your Atari kit, Brian, but there are often certain realities to be faced and it's understandable. The short answer is it depends on whether you want it to go to a good home, or get yourself top dollar. By my reckoning, you'll not get much interest from the enthusiast market at anything much over 175, also depending on condition and any bundled software and accessories. People in the know are scouring the used market, I've heard of one chap scoring a Falcon for 10 (beating our own bargain-meister Thomas Wellicome by 15).

    On the other hand you might find a professional concern needing one to complete a project, and will pay much more. If you really needed the money, I could also understand that.

    Thanks for your support, I hope you'll at least continue to read MyAtari.


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