HTML-Viewer: MyAtari In Glorious 8-bit

by Mirko Sobe


I want to show you how I read MyAatari magazine - on my 8-bit Atari...

[Screen-shot: Index of MyAtari issues]

As you can see, I copied every issue of MyAtari on a 16 MB ATR file. By clicking on "index.html" I open page 1 of the January issue.

[Screen-shot: Selecting an article]

After loading and converting the page (into a temporary internal format), I can read the contents of MyAtari. By pressing the [Tab] key, I choose the "Tip of the day" page, then with the [Return] key, I open it.

[Screen-shot: Article text]

Now, I read the "Tip of day" page.

[Screen-shot: Useful links box]

This HTML-Viewer also shows correct background colors (of the main body and table cells), as you can see on the "Useful links" section.

Best wishes for MyAtari and many greetings from Germany.

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MyAtari magazine - Feature #8, February 2004

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