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Atari Community Alive and Well


How many products that have been out of manufacturing for ten years plus, still have the customer base and faithful followers that Atari does?

Look at any on-line auction these days and 2,000-plus items will show up as part of the Atari world. We still have T-shirts, hardware, software and accessories selling world-wide.

We cover the gamers with Jaguar, Lynx, XEGM, 7800, 5200, and 2600 systems with tons of software.

[Photo: XE Game System]

We have the home computer user, and hardware hackers still using and building new products that improve and prolong the life of the 8-bit world.

[Photo: Atari XE with internal hard disk]

Our professional users still do business with the ST, TT, and Falcon personal computer systems. Several hardware and software clones flood the internet to show the world loves a good idea. New versions of these systems are under development as you read this.

[Photo: Milan]

[Screen-shot: Gemulator 2000]

The one other thing that stands out about our Atari community is the brotherhood (sisterhood) of the Atari users. If any one of us walks into a second-hand store and sees anything Atari we usually buy it just to keep it from going into the waste can.

I have had three different Atari owners see my web site and ship me their old systems just to keep them from being disposed of. Most I have added to my collection and a few I either passed on to other users or sold on-line.

 [Photo: Lots of Ataris!]

Note: My request last month for feedback on putting USB in the Atari systems, brought a few responses all from the ST/TT/Falcon world. The ones who did respond do want the option of having USB on their systems.

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