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GAME, set, match! Jaguar and Lynx consoles are back on the high street. MyAtari interviews Ben Grant of EB Stores Group Ltd


At the end December, MyAtari received reports that Atari Jaguar and Lynx consoles were once again on sale on the high street. We visited our local GAME store in Kingston-upon-Thames to see for ourselves.

[Photo: GAME Store, Kingston UK]

MyAtari: What prompted you to start selling Atari merchandise again?

Ben: We know that there is a healthy interest in "Retro" gaming, therefore we decided to stock a few of the older consoles in-store, such as the Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear. Our customers are predominantly "gamers", and are likely to have owned one of these consoles during their childhood.

MyAtari: Are these games and consoles new or reconditioned?

Ben: The Atari Jaguars are brand spanking new, and the Lynx and Game Gear machines are re-furbished...however, all three machines come with a 3 month replacement warranty for peace of mind.

MyAtari: Do all your stores hold stock of Atari merchandise?

Ben: No, unfortunately not. It was a limited stock offer in a limited number of stores.

[Photo: Atari merchandise on sale in store] Deputy Manager, Chris Straker proudly shows off the Atari merchandise available in the Kingston-upon-Thames store.

[Photo: Atari merchandise on sale in store]MyAtari: When the Atari Jaguar console was originally released it sold for over £200. How much are you selling it for now?

Ben: The Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx are both currently priced at an incredible £9.99, whilst the Sega Game Gear is £29.99.

MyAtari: At these prices, they must be selling very fast. What have been your best selling items?

Ben: The Jaguar has sold very well indeed, with "Doom" being the most popular piece of software.

MyAtari: Do you think the Atari Jaguar and Lynx have stolen any sales away from the PS2 or GameBoy this Christmas?

Ben: Definitely not. Being priced at £9.99 the consoles are definitely an impulse purchase, with some customers purchasing a PS2, a Jaguar and also a Lynx at the same time!

MyAtari: Are you considering increasing the selection of Atari merchandise in your stores? I know our readers would be interested to hear if you will you be selling Atari T-shirts soon!

Ben: Unfortunately not,"Retro" stock is very very hard to find, so once the stock has gone, its gone for good!

MyAtari: Have you considered selling other classic consoles/computers such as the Atari 2600 or Atari ST?

Ben: No.

MyAtari: Are the Lynx and Jaguar consoles a permanent addition to your stores?

Ben: Once we have sold out, we are unable to purchase anymore, and we also have to make room for the upcoming Xbox and GameCube launches.

MyAtari: If our readers do not live near one of your stores, how can they buy an Atari Lynx or Jaguar from you?

Ben: The easiest way is to log onto or The full range is displayed, however, there is also a limited amount of stock for the web sites as well. You will then have up to date information if the item is in stock.

Screenshot: GAME and EB web sites

MyAtari: Thank you for your taking time out to answer our questions.

MyAtari would like to thank EB Stores Group Ltd for their co-operation in this interview, especially Ben Grant, Lisa Artemis and Chris Straker.

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