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Uncle Harry and the RAF gang head to Frankfurt


"Where will we meet next month?". This is really the RAF's FAQ. In November the answer was "At the Christmas market in Frankfurt!". 

Usually the German ABBUC group RAF meets monthly at each member's home in alternation. But to keep a good tradition they visit the Christmas market in Frankfurt/Main in December. Instead of playing games, programming, organizing and discussing details of any Atari hardware they have a break and enjoy the cheerful atmosphere at the Christmas market.

[Photo: Frankfurt Christmas market]

As we always meet on Mondays and everybody has to work, we arranged the meeting in the evening. So we got together at 19:00 under the large and illuminated Christmas tree in front of the Römer which is visible from far away.

[Photo: Big tree]

Our first question was, "Where is the next mulled wine stand?". Christmas market without mulled wine is unimaginable for Germans! After our first glass we took a photo of the group.

[Photo: Group picture]

From left to right: Florian, Almut, Thomas, Carsten, Marc, Gunnar, Holger, Harry.

Warmed by the hot mulled wine, we were ready to stroll along the stands. Most of them offered food and the assortment was large. Others had toys and traditional small wooden figures featuring Christian themes.

[Photo: Market stalls]

Reaching the end of the market near the river Main we were thirsty again and some of us prefered hot "Apfelwein". Then it was time to go back since we had reserved a table at a local restaurant for dinner.

[Photo: City]

After walking throught the heart of Frankfurt for 15 minutes we reached "Zu den zwölf Apostel". They brew their own beer and offer it to guests and also distribute it to other local restaurants. Our table was just beside the brewery separated by a glass window. So we ordered this tasty beer, except the drivers. The meals were mainly Yugoslavian dishes, spicy and delicious. What a difference to my canteen lunch at work!

[Photo: At the restaurant]

Around 23:00 we had to leave because a few of us had to get the last metro to the suburbs.

[Photo: The restaurant entrance]

And the answer to the FAQ? Holger invited us to his house in January!

To make our December meeting more "Atarian" we should bring a Lynx next December.

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