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Clint Thompson gets his Christmas toy right on time


I sold off my original Lynx II back in 1999 so I could focus more on my Jaguar collection. Now, in 2003 and with titles in development such as Ultra Vore and Alpine Games I've been craving a Lynx II again. There seems to be an sudden spur of interest for the Lynx again development-wise, as well with other demos and coding taking place.

Out of nowhere I decided, “OK, I really must get an Atari Lynx again”. Over the period of the last month or so I've been trying to win a Lynx package on eBay for a relatively low price, with no luck. I moved on to scouring the web of older Atari retailers and came across quite a few except Best Electronics stood out to me concerning price.

Best Electronics has been in the Atari business for years upon years now and I've heard the name many times however I've never ordered from it. So for my last minute spare decision to get a Lynx, I head over to its web site and check out the Lynx II selection.

Lo and behold for $59.99 I can have a brand new Lynx II! And they accept PayPal! The cheapest place I've seen on the 'net for a new Lynx!

I contacted Best Electronics and got a very kind and immediate response to my questions as well as information for PayPal payment. So, I placed my order on Tuesday in high hopes for a Lynx II system I've been wanting for a while now to show up on my doorstep some time Christmas weekend.

To my surprise Best Electronics not only shipped my Lynx II the very same moment I had placed my order and paid but on Christmas morning the system was hand-delivered by the post office! Wow! What a surprise that was! I was expecting the package to come later on the weekend like a Saturday. I was so excited to see the package with Atari tape, too! It’s like it came directly from Atari!

[Photo: Package from Best]

[Photo: Lynx inside]

[Photo: New Lynx]

Best Electronics made my Christmas day and its super fast shipping was well beyond my expectations! The packaging was excellent and I couldn’t have asked for better!

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