The Future of Atari Computing

by Christoph Brincken


Hopefully, the Atari ColdFire Project machine will arrive in the near future. It will ship with the Déesse sound card - which is a freely programable DSP card. This would bring the new Atari clone as a sound machine to the market. Many musicans who still use Atari ST computers might like it - as well as "freaks" like me. The Déesse card will make the transformation from a "Nice to have" computer into a "Must have".

But for the rest of the Atari fans the ColdFire might remain as a nice to have computer, which is good for making music and power users who work with Calamus. That's it? Really? What about other applications? I like, for example, watching videos and exchanging them with a client/server system like Hotline or Carracho.

What about software? Little has happened on the ST market during the last few years. There might be a solution - how about running a 68K Linux on the new machine. Have you ever seen Linux running on a PC with windows in which WINE, a complete Windows emulation, runs as fast as usual? Why not do the same as this new Atari clone? One could use all Atari and Falcon programs directly and all software available on Linux, too.

Even client/server file exchange systems like KDX could run on a machine like that. With a 333 MHz ColdFire it might be even able to do video stuff - with a little DSP help maybe.

And it would be a real 68K machine with DSP, parallel port and MIDI! I would be the first to sell my Power Mac!


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MyAtari magazine - Feature #4, December 2002

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