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This time last year (issue 14), Matthew and Shiuming went to visit the former Atari UK building in Slough, Berkshire. The challenge to recreate this Lego-like building in real Lego was recently taken up by Mike Maranzano, an old school mate of your two editors. Much to the bemusement of Mike's girlfriend, the following model was created, while she was working on some assignments one evening.

[Photo: Atari UK in Lego]

Very authentic as you can see, but something's amiss: a large Atari sign at the top, just like the real thing! Mike didn't hesitate to rectify the situation and immediately dug out his Big Box of Lego.

[Photo: Mike the Master Builder]

[Photo: Mike the Master Builder]

[Photo: Atari UK's Atari sign]

He found a few smooth tiles to create the signboard itself but the shape was not quite right, it needed to be squarer. Quicker than the eye could see, some other models including a beautiful Technic car were mercilessly pulled apart in order to get the right parts to build the signboard.

[Photo: Taking a car for parts]

[Photo: Lego carnage]

[Photo: Ground floor of Lego Atari UK]

[Photo: I know I've got that part in here somewhere!]

[Photo: Signboard 1]

[Photo: Signboard 2]

[Photo: Signboard 3]

[Photo: Signboard 4]

Black Technic connecting pegs, with their friction lock mouldings (very tough to get these out of holes, best way is to poke them out with an axle piece) hold two supporting arms up at an angle. To get the 6-stud wide sign into the 7-stud space between the two central columns called for some half-stud resolution technique, something every good Lego builder should know!

[Photo: Signboard mounting]

[Photo: Blue Peter style!]

[Photo: Mike and the finished model]

[Photo: Bird's eye view]

A bird's eye view showing the Atari staff car park. Looks like an employee has jumped out of a window.

Anyone got lots of blue and white bricks and fancy building Atari Germany?

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