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MyAtari magazine and bring you the latest scene news!

Atari SAP Music Archive updated!

Posted by pg at on 28/12/01

The biggest collection of old good Atari POKEY music has been updated to version 2.3. With 110 new songs it now contains 1387 tunes. Get the archive and players for several platforms at the homepage.



Atari-Notes is GONE

Posted by Tim Conrardy at on 28/12/01

Some Sad News: Derek Johnson's Atari-Notes colomn at Sound On Sound Magizine is gone. The reason is to make room for other relavant material. If you feel inclined, please send an email to the publisher: Ian Gilby and let him know (in kind words) your thoughts on Atari-Notes, or to show that you like the articles and it will be missed.
I for one will miss Atari-Notes. There is still the on-line Atari Forum at SOS,so at least there is something. However there is no no "printed" Atari coverage which was an importment issue.

For info on what Atari-Notes was about see my tribute page on the provided link.



HighWire Version 0.01 Released!

Posted by HighWire Developers at on 25/12/01

The HighWire Development Team is pleased to announce the first public
release of HighWire.

Please visit the HighWire Site to download.

HighWire Development Team



Atari Jaguar

Posted by Phil Webb at on 23/12/01

I Thought you my like to know that GAME and Electronics Boutique are selling brand new Jaguars for £9.99!!!!! They also have a collection of games


8 Bit vor 12 Party

Posted by Mad Butscher at on 20/12/01

Foundation Two is organising another Gaming meeting at the 22th -24th of February. The location is Kellenbach / Germany. More infos on the homepage.

Have a look in the Upcoming Event Section.


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