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re: Issue 21: Foreword
Just one point about your PixArt4 review: The keyboard shortcuts haven't "mysteriously vanished" - they are completely user-assignable with the "Options->Keyboard shortcuts" menu entry! I think that was the case with earlier versions too, but those came with (some?) pre-assigned shortcuts, where as in the last version they let the user do the hard work :-)

Peter A. West, UK

Matthew replies:
Thanks for that tip, Peter. We'll try to be more attentive next time!


FREE magazines
I started out with an Atari 800 in 1985 and ended up with an XE which I used up until last year. As I am interested in mucking about with photographs I reluctantly bought a modern Gateway computer in 1997 which I have recently upgraded.

As I am nearly 70 I would like to find a home for boxes of Analogue & Antic Magazine which are lying in my roof rather neglected. I live in Solihull West Midlands (UK) and would like to make contact with some youngsters who might find these interesting.

Can you help with a few contacts in my area as I would like to see others get the fun I have had out of Atari. If not could you sell them on your site for charity?

Geoff Dean, UK

Matthew replies:
Thank you for letting us know. If there are any readers interested, please get in touch with us and we'll pass on your details to Geoff.


It's [disk]driving me mad!
After many a year without it, I'm finally trying to get my old ST working again. What killed it in the first place was when my father let one of my cousins play with it; When it prompted her to insert disk two she did so directly on top of the first disk, destroying the disk drive. In theory that's all it
should take, but where can I find a new floppy drive?

Can I modify a PC type drive or will I need to find a vintage piece of hardware? Also, as my ST has been collecting dust for the past ten years I was thinking about cleaning it out with compressed air, are there any really delicate components this could damage?

Software is another concern as most of the stuff I have is from when we bought it and I don't have very much documentation at all. Where might I find more software for my old machine?

Paul Bellman, Canada

Matthew replies:
Sorry to hear this, how could your cousin do such a thing! I am glad to hear that you are trying to get your ST working again. As you are from Canada, I recommend getting in touch with Brad Koda at Best Electronics (Winner of our "Best Atari Supporting Company" award) at for a replacement drive.

With regards to where you can find Atari software, you'll be pleased to hear that you can find a great selection of Atari software all over the internet. I recommend you try Hallvard Tangeraas' site at and Martin Byttebier's site at

Alternatively, you could use the search engine Google ( to searching the web using terms such as "atari software" or "atari games".

Welcome home :-)

Shiuming replies:
You can get original Atari drives with the special drive fascia and parallelogram shaped eject button if you don't want to cut and file out the ST's drive slot to accommodate a standard PC drive. The latter can look ugly, especially if not done with care.

Otherwise a PC drive with drive select jumper is necessary in order to change its ID for the ST to recognize, the most popular being the Teac FD-235 (look for DS0 and DS1 on the circuit board underneath and de-solder the jumper from the default setting and onto the other).

Original Atari drives and pre-modified PC drives are available from Atari Workshop, or try Best Electronics in the USA ( for original drives.

Compressed air is in my opinion a waste of money - all it does is blow dust elsewhere. I use a vacuum cleaner (and if full contact is required to reach stubborn spots then use a good quality artists' or lens-cleaning brush, with your ST on a grounding mat). There's nothing inside that can be damaged by the pressure level of forced air that you can produce at home. If you're only cleaning externally, a vacuum cleaner and paint-brush will suffice to clean the keyboard and ventilation grille.

Keep hold of the damaged floppy drive, the plastic fascia is re-useable.




I've been a MyAtari reader since the beginning and I figured it was time for a small thank you email. Even though I don't really do much with my ST (yes, still have one ready to go but use emulators most of the time), I still like to read up on all that is Atari. That is where MyAtari comes in.

I really like stories such as 'Atari GmbH' and '8-bit vor 12 Party' they take me back in time :-)

You guys do a great job, Thanks

Marcel Klum, Netherlands

Matthew replies:
Thank you for your e-mail Marcel as it is great to receive feedback from our readers (good and bad). I will pass on your compliments to the contributors of the articles you mentioned, as I am sure they will also appreciate your comments. On behalf of the MyAtari team, thank you!


Zip disk
It is so good to see something out there on the web providing info on the atari. I use my computer strickly for music. I am a well established producer, dj, and remixer running cubase on my Atari.

I looking for some info on how i can take advantage of using my 100/250 meg of zip to store files. I am in need of baking up my files. I am tired of using floppy disk. Any suggestions??? I do live in the states, so if you know where to direct me. I really appreicate it.

thanks for all your help.

June Lopez, USA

Shiuming replies:
Assuming your Zip 250 is a SCSI model rather than USB... you need to purchase a copy of HD Driver, a Link 97 and the necessary 50/25-way SCSI adapter to fit it to the Zip (which may need modifying to supply a PTERM signal).

Your best bet is either B&C ComputerVisions ( or Atari Workshop ( For further details on HD Driver, visit


Bargain Atari mice
I recently came across a shop in London which still sells Atari compatible mice brand new for only 5.95. Its called Blue Audio Visual, 61 Upper Street, Islington, phone number 020 7704-1124.

It's breathed new life into my old 1040ST which had been almost impossible to use before I got the new mouse. Maybe you could share this info with other Atari users out there in the UK.


Bart Smith, UK

Matthew replies:
Thanks for letting us know Bart. I'm sure other readers will be happy to hear about this.


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