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Matthew Bacon presents some of the e-mails that we have received over the recent months



First I'd like to congratulate you for this nice magazine... Esp i like we can actually submit our infos, views and suggestions... good move and hope you'll stay with us longtime :)

Janez Valant, YEScrew


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Hi Matthew,

I'm Marcel Klum from holland and would just like to say ... great site. It's very easy to browse and enjoyable to read.

Keep it up,


Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

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Would it be possible for you to provide a 'Next page' button so that readers of the Magazine could be sure of seeing all new items and navigate the pages in a logical way as one would a paper based version?

Alan Jackson

When we redesigned the MyAtari web site a few months ago, we considered implementing your idea Alan but decided that it would be too time consuming. However, every page within an issue now includes a complete list of the articles within the issue!

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Dear MyAtari mag,

I am wonder if there any atari hardware part supplier in UK. I am looking for hardware like stella chip and its CPU.

shin jah su

Well, a good place to start would be the Atari Workshop as I believe they still stock a wide selection of original Atari hardware. Alternatively, you could give Best Electronics in the United States a try.

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Please, please please help me. My name is Jim and I am a professional musician and have been playing for some 20 years. I use an Atari 1040 Ste with Notator program and absolutely love it. However I am unable to find anyone with the knowledge of how to convert the Windows Midi files to Atari Midi format.

Is this possible and are you able to help me. Looking forward to your response with eagerness. Thanks heaps in advance.


P.S. I am from Melbourne Australia. If you know of anyone that is from there that can help me you will reach superstar status in my book.

Firstly, you need to get hold of some a 720k DD disc. I am reliably informed that "most" computer disc manufacturers still make them, so jump on the internet and have a peek at their web sites for details on how to get hold of some.

If you are unable to locate some DD/DS discs, you may have to resort to placing some tape over the hole on a 1.44MB HD disc... but be warned, this may result in data loss!

Once you have some 720k DD/DS discs, you need to format them on your PC. It is important to remember that although your Atari is able to read DOS formatted discs, a PC is unable to read Atari formatted discs. Therefore, if you want to transfer stuff back and forth from your PC to your ST, you must use a DOS formatted disc.

Finally, copy the MIDI files you wish to transfer to you newly formatted disc. Voila!

My thanks to Tim Conrardy for his advice on this matter.

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Dear MyAtari,

A while ago, I heard rumors of stella being ported to the palm pilot. I was wondering if you knew if it was true, and where i could get a copy...


I am sorry but it our sources cannot confirm this rumour for you David. However, if any of our readers know differently, please get in touch. In the mean time, I recommend posting your question on our forum at

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Dear MyAtari magazine,

What is the mega-bus in the Mega ST line of computers used for? and where, if available, can I locate a pinout for it?

Christopher Friend

The MegaBus is a Atari specific expansion bus only found in the MegaST range of computers. It is now been superseded by the VME Bus in the MegaSTE/TT. The Megabus is good for devices such as on board SCSI, Video cards, Network cards etc.

It has been a very long time since anybody made anything for it, possibly because the MegaST was barely any better than a STFM. I think there was a card built by David Small of Spectre GCR fame that actually added a 33Mhz 68030 for the MegaBus. Try Schematics central for a full PCB layout.

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Could someone please explain (in not too technical language) how I can get my Falcon hooked up to the internet? I do have a compatible modem.  What software is available and which ISPs welcome Atari users? Yes, I am using a PC (ugh) to ask this question.


Thank you for your question, if any other readers would like us to write a short tutorial series on getting online using an Atari, please drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

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I am curious, is there semi-current version of Calamus floating about? I have version 1.09 which was purchased many years ago (DUH!) and would be interested in obtaining a newer version which could support color printing on some modern printers.

Clifford R. Parks

For the latest information about Calamus, we recommend visiting

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Dear Sir,

I would like to clarify:

I have PAK 68/3 50MHz board (tested to be working prior to installation) installed in my MegaST. I have Marpet's X-tra RAM Deluxe memory board with 4 MB SIMM modules fitted. However after switching on the system, it crashes on double-clicking on program files or booting from hard disks. Are these two (PAK68/3 and X-tra RAM deluxe) compatible? I was told they might be the cause of the problem!


Gurjit, Malaysia.

Hummm... it is possible that the timing between the Marpet memory and your PAK board could be the source of your problem. However, before you blame the hardware, make sure you are not experiencing a software glitch.

If you have not already done this, I recommend running your system without any desk accessories or AUTO folder programs. If this solves your crashing, introduce your desk accessories and AUTO folder programs one by one until you find the culprit. If this does not help, get back in touch and we'll see what we can find out for you!

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Dear MyAtari,

I am just wondering if there will be a printed version of MyAtari Magazine?

Jeff C.

There are currently no plans to produce a printed version of MyAtari magazine however, we are considering publishing a special annual edition containing all the "best" articles. More details will be posted when available.

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Dear MyAtari,

Quite simply how the heck do I get aMail to download newsgroups whilst using Iconnect and Magic? It seems to dump sum files with names like "NN65000.???" in the requisite directory I have configured in the "AMAIL.CFG" file.

I am using aMail 1.27b.


Neil Chester

Please send us more details regarding your setup and I shall pass it on to our bank of experts for analysis.

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Hello you there,

Do you know where I can get that great Atari t-shirts?

Ard Hoksbergen, Holland

Aaahhh that old chestnut. Atari T-shirts are now available from several sources including, and

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Dear MyAtari magazine,

Has anybody got a Magnum board to work with a T28 accelerator (as is claimed it should) - in combination with a hard disk? The DMA seems well dodgy and reminds me very much of users reports of the characteristics of the Marpet 8MB RAM board. Anyone out there.......

Richard Harrison

A very good question... but it is better posted on our forum at

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Dear MyAtari,

I'm looking for ATARI Falcon, and Jaguar Emulators for the PC. Do you know if exist any of them.

Carlos Llobera

As far as we are aware, an Atari Falcon emulator does not currently exist for the PC, however, a Jaguar emulator was recently started. More details on the Jagulator emulator for the PC can be found at

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I know I'm getting long in the tooth but how to you hook up a 2600 when the TV I have is only cable ready? Yes I know its a stupid question but its been since 1985 since I have messed with it.

William Rusk

I am very sorry, but we need a bit more information to help you. Please send us further information ASAP and we'll see what we can do. If anyone else can help William, please contact us at

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Hello to all of you!!

I found your link on the site, and having checked it out today, I had to write and make an inquiry or two. So.....:

1) Do you all truly do a >HARDCOPY< magazine?? If so, I would like to subscribe.

2) I was the person who uncovered the Atari Swordquest scandal. Want to know more?

Please respond, as I would like to obtain and continue to receive your outstanding publication!!

Robert Ruiz, Jr

Thank you Robert for you generous comments. Firstly, MyAtari is still currently an online Atari magazine although you can print a hardcopy of the magazine at home via your browser. Secondly, please send us details of the Atari Swordquest scandal, it sounds very intriguing.

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I would like to thank all our readers who have taken the time to e-mail us over the last few months, your support is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank our team of experts for their support and enthusiasm!

Send you suggestions, comments and questions to

Please note
We regret that due to the volume of letters and e-mails received by the magazine, personal correspondence cannot be guaranteed. All letters and e-mails received are assumed for publication unless stated otherwise.

MyAtari magazine - Feature #6, August 2001 

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