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The new OS for several 8-bit systems?


Several months ago I received an e-mail from RTDOS asking if I was interested in joining a discussion group about a new multi platform operating system for 8-bit computers.

[Screen-shot: RTDOS site]

I looked at the chat discussions early on but have not been involved lately. The concept would be to create an OS that will work on the Atari XL/XE as well as the Commodore, Apple and TI.

A webring was started but few sites have linked to it at this time.

[Screen-shot: Webring]

For those in the Atari world that would like to look into these discussions these links below will get you there. This might really be something to allow a kind of “Linux” style OS for all 8-bit systems to share.

[Screen-shot: RTDOS discussion site]

As we all see the world of the 8-bit systems still lives on with various enhancements as time goes on.

See you next month in the world of Atari….

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