Schreiersgrün 2003

TXG's European scene expedition begins...


Friday 28 March I started travelling to Schreiersgrün for another Atari meeting. Because I was the only MNX member who had time to go and didn't want to travel the 800 km alone, I decided to join RIK and Mr XY from Foundation Two and travel with them. So my journey started at 09:00 and I drove to RIK - at 14:00 I arrived and we drove to the house of Mr XY and continued to the house of Helmut (the organizer of the Atari meeting). Early in the evening we arrived and we could relax, get a beer and discuss all kinds of Atari things, like games, new developments and ideas.

The next day we went to the meeting place and started to connect the Ataris. I started to connect the computer and decorate the room and started of course with my Atari flag...

[Photo: TXG hiding behind his Atari flag]

[Photo: Atari flag hanging in a corner]

[Photo: The games begin...]

After we connected the computers we had time to walk around and to speak to other people there. Mad Butscher was there and he organized the gaming competition at this meeting.

[Photo: Mad Butscher playing a game]

We also had the time and people to play some MultiJoy8 games. We played with eight people the new game from Raster, called "Shoot 'Em All", it's a game where eight players move in a labyrinth and shoot all other opponents.

[Photo: Group playing on MultiJoy8 game]

[Photo: View of the screen during the game]

It was a real nice game and we played it several times. In the meantime the room was filled with more visitors.

[Photo: The room filling with visitors]

People talked to each other, exchanged e-mail addresses and discussed all kinds of Atari 8-bit ideas and developments. This is one of the reasons why these meetings are so nice.

[Photo: People standing around...]

There was one person who presented his new software program. It's a German to French translation tutorial program. You can learn French in different ways and lessons. The program is written in Turbo BASIC and the author gave a full demonstration of it.

[Photo: Demonstration of language tutor software]

The visitors looked interested and took the time to see the demonstration.

[Photo: Watching demos]

We also took time after the demonstration to look at some demos for the 8-bit like the new Numen demo and other new demos.

[Photo: More demonstrations]

The RAF was also there and brought hardware like SIO2PC, and Game-Link interfaces they built. Many visitors were interested and talked to the people of RAF.

[Photo: Thomas Grasel of the RAF giving a demonstration]

There was also a person who brought his XEGS, which he painted blue. It was nice to see it, instead of the normal colors. Even the ST mouse was painted in the same colour.

[Photo: Blue XEGS]

I also had some time to speak to tWh/F2 about some ideas we had and my FTP server. I told him that a lot of users already found my server that's running 24x7 at my house with lot of 8-bit software.

[Photo: TXG talking to TWH]

FTP information:

Port: 21
User: atari8
Pass: atari4ever

At the end of the day, Carsten Strotmann gave a presentation about the different kinds of software licences. He explained the differences between freeware, shareware, cardware and public domain. This was interesting information and people could ask Carsten about this subject.

The complete day was very interesting, back at Helmut's place we played some linked Lynx games like Checkered Flag with thre Lynx systems and Comlynx. We also talked about lots of funny things we had experienced at some parties we visited in the past.

Then the next day we travelled back to RIK's home and I travelled home from there. Sunday evening I was home again, I started to read all my e-mail...

Next meeting will be Atariada 2003...


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