Atariada 2003 Convention

TXG revels in the party season


Hmm, this time we had to plan our meeting in such way that I could travel on Friday and be back in the Netherlands on Sunday evening, because I had to work on Monday. The complete trip to the Czech Republic and back was 2,860 km.

On Friday TWW/MNX arrived at my place about 11:30 then we drank some coffee and started our trip to the Czech Republic. First we drove to Wiesbaden in Germany to Mad Butscher/F2, who would be travelling with us. After that we drove to Erfurt to pick up tWh/F2, then we could travel to the Czech Republic to meet Zdenek in Prostejov. We crossed the border at Dresden and drove to Prague then to Brno and then finally to Prostejov. We didn't bring a map of the route to Zdenek's house so we had to think hard to remember how to get there. We arrived at 04:30 at his place and we slept there. A few hours later at 10:00 we had to get out of bed to get ready for Atariada 2003. We drank some good black coffee to get awake and then we drove to the meeting place.

[Photo: TXG, TWH and TWW at Zdenek's house]

Left to right: TXG/MNX, tWh/F2  and TWW/MNX.

[Photo: The party location above a shop and pub]

The location was a restaurant above a shop and a pub.

[Photo: TXG holding an Atari flag]

We showed the Atari flag we brought, before unloading the car.

[Photo: TXG and Mad Butscher unloading the car]

Mad Butscher on the right.

[Photo: TXG and Funny]

When we entered the room we saw we had the same tables at the same place as last year. As soon as I connected my Atari computer somebody began to talk to me. It was Funny.

[Photo: Screen-shot of memory addresses]

Funny is a very active Atari freak. He asked us many questions about the memory map of the 8-bit Atari.

[Photo: Black 800XE]

When we were at this meeting I saw a nice 800XE. Someone changed the look a little bit look at the pictures to see what I mean.

[Photo: Black XC12 data recorder]

Matching Atari XC12 data recorder.

[Photo: Customary gratuitous bare motherboard shot]

Then I saw this nice XE system with a lot of hardware expansions. A memory SIMM, SIO2PC, SIO2IDE, second Pokey (stereo), switchable OS ROM and a Mega-CD interface.

Not all of the expected visitors were there - we missed Jiri from BeWeSoft. XI/Satantronic was there and brought some computers to show their 1 MB SIMM upgrade for the 8-bit. There were two versions, one for systems with Freddie and one for systems without a Freddie chip. More information on:

Then someone told me I had to take a look in the car park because there was a car that didn't belong there... Hehe

[Photo: Opel Commodore in the car park]

It's an Opel C********...

[Photo: Mad Butscher and Raster]

Mad Butscher/F2 (left) and Raster, programmer of several MultiJoy8 games.

[Photo: Bohdan Milar and TXG]

Bohdan Milar (left, one of the organizers) and I.

[Photo: Screen-shot of the outdoor barbecue scene from the Unconventional 2002 video]

Then we showed the Video CD of the Unconventional 2002.

[Photo: People watching the video]

The people watching...

[Photo: Zdenek with a new issue if FLOP]

Zdenek gave me a copy of FLOP 46 that was finished on this day. On this disk is a new game called Sniper. It's a cool game and free...

[Photo: Starting to pack away]

About 21:00 the day was over so we began to pack...

[Photo: Loading the car]

Putting everything in the car...

[Photo: F2 and MNX holding Atari banner]

Then a picture of Foundation Two and MNX just before we leave... tWh/F2 , TXG/MNX, TWW/MNX and Mad Butscher.

[Photo: Group picture]

Then a nice group picture.

[Photo: Everything back in the car]

After the group picture at 21:30 we started to travel back to Ilmenau near Erfurt. Finally we managed to get everything in the car again...

[Photo: TXG looking really tired!]

And then at 05:00 on Sunday we arrived in Ilmenau and I could drink my first beer... after 2,000 km driving...

About 13:00 I was awake again and we looked at the pictures of Atariada 2003 and viewed the Video CD of Unconventional 2002 again... Then about 15:00 we drove back home, first to Wiesbaden to bring Mad Butscher/F2 home and after that we drove to the Netherlands and arrived there at 22:30. Yes we did it again... we managed to drive the comple trip 2,860 km and spend a whole day in the Czech Republic within two-and-a-half days... The next trip for me will be to Error In Line 3 next weekend...

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