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An excerpt from Thomas Jordan's epic Texel user guide, two years in the making...

File Management
So far when saving files all the file names have been saved using the standard convention of naming a file with up to a maximum of eight letters and a three letter suffix. This is OK up to a point but after a while the file directory begins to resemble a jumble of cryptic file names. On the Global menu select the Open command and look at the file names. There is TEX1.TXL, TEX2.TXL - how do you know which file relates to which set of information? In Texel you are not restricted to the standard rule, Texel is also compatible with long filenames. 

Using long filenames
When using Texel with the MagiC multitasking operating system Texel automatically supports the VFAT system function when switched on. VFAT can be found in the folder GEMSYS\MAGIC\UTILITY under the name VFATCONF.PRG.  Double-click on the program and examine the dialog box. 


From the dialog you can select which file devices have a permanent or temporary setting. Selecting the temporary tab only remains valid during the current session (until you shut down the computer).  By choosing the permanent tab the file devices which have been requested to have a long filename will be saved in the MAGIC.INF file when the OK button is pressed.  

When using a long filename for an enabled device you do not have to apply any special formatting to make use of it. The long filename enables you to use up to 64 characters including spaces.

The file system is also compatible with Windows 95, floppy disks and other media can be read and written to when used in conjunction with HD Driver 5 or greater. MagiC PC users can access Window 95 partitions and media (Works with Windows 98/2000 as well - Ed)

You might think that by saving a file using the new extension that other users will not be able to view your file, wrong! Files can still be used on ordinary Ataris. When saving the file it automatically creates a second name which follows the old rule of eight characters plus a suffix of three.

Users of MagiC and Texel please open TEX15.TXL and save it as Complete Budget 1998.txl and users of lesser systems leave the file as TEX15.TXL. Having two different filenames for the same information should cause confusion when accessing either file, but Texel has another trick to reference files and their data. This other option is called File Information which is located at the bottom of the file menu on the local menu bar.

MyAtari magazine - Feature #9, April 2001

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