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HTML Basics - Part 9 of 12
by Matthew Bacon

Sound FX
To really grab your viewers attention, it is possible to play samples and MIDI files on your web pages :-) To trigger an audio file (WAV format recommended), the <BGSOUND> tag is used. The tag should appear within the head section of your page, not the body as you might expect. The attributes of <BGSOUND> are SRC="", LOOP= and DELAY=.

For example,

        <TITLE>This is a noisy page</TITLE>
        <BGSOUND SRC="audio.wav" LOOP=6 DELAY=2>
        Do you like my sample?
        This page was written by Matthew Bacon

In the example above, the audio file, AUDIO.WAV is looped six times with a delay of 2 seconds between each loop. Sound effects can help draw your readers attention to your page (the <BGSOUND> tag is automatically triggered when your page is downloaded), but are not recommend for everyday use. Special occasions only!



MyAtari magazine - Tutorial #9, April 2001

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