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Brought to you in association with Atari Workshop, MyAtari is pleased to be able to offer its readers the opportunity to win either a fabulous Iron Soldier poster, a superb Alien vs Predator poster or a collectable Jaguar sticker!

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All you need to do is... complete the Atari puzzle below and send your answers to MyAtari at (one entry per reader). Three winners will be chosen at random from the correct entries received before 1st June 2001.

Tip: I recommend getting hold of a copy of The Atari A to Z.

When submitting your entry, please include your e-mail address and place the following prizes in order of preference (Jaguar sticker, Iron Soldier or Alien vs Predator poster). Good luck!



  1. A process that erases the contents of a floppy disk.
  2. What a computer does when turned on.
  3. The name of Atari's multi-tasking operating system.
  4. What Atari computers very rarely do but PC's do quite frequently ;-)
  5. The version of GDOS using the Bitstream Speedo Font Scaler technology that replaced FSMGDOS.
  6. Typically eight bits in length and usually the smallest unit of access to memory in many computers.
  7. A monitor has thousands of them.  The greater number of them, the greater the resolution.
  8. Otherwise known as TOS 1.04.
  9. A type of software that is released into the public domain for which no payment is required.
  10. Short for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange".
  11. The port found on the ST-TT range of computers consisting of a 19-pin D male socket which supports the connection of external devices.
  12. This disk was bundled with almost all Atari computers in the ST-TT range.
  13. A GEM dialog that allows the user to select files, paths and drives from predetermined list.
  14. A games console manufactured by Atari that was years ahead of its time!
  15. Atari's attempt at a portable laptop computer. It had an internal hard drive and LCD screen but suffered from poor battery life.
  16. From TOS 1.04, it was possible to do this from the keyboard by pressing the [Control], [Alternate] and [Delete] keys together.
  17. An interface standard used for linking up to seven other devices to a computer. Commonly used for hard drives and scanners.
  18. A name of a device port capable of transmitting data simultaneously which is often used to connect a printer.
  19. The GEM mouse cursor icon that is displayed whenever the ST-Falcon range of computer is processing data.
  20. An area of memory that has its contents maintained by the power from a small battery which may be updated using appropriate software.
  21. The ST-Falcon range of computer had these ports built in from the start which contributed to its popularity and wide-spread use.
  22. A US based company that produces, among others, the 68000 (as used in the ST and Jaguar) and 68030 (as used in the Falcon030).
  23. A small graphical symbol used to represent a file, folder or hardware such as a program file or a disk drive. Commonly found, but not restricted to, the desktop.
  24. An area of memory that can be read but not written to.


  1. A weapon of destruction that is displayed on ST-Falcon screens when programs crash.
  2. An area of memory that contains highly detailed information about the microcomputer, its software and hardware capabilities and current settings. Also, an object in the kitchen that contains assorted biscuits.
  3. A compact memory expansion board which can be found in some STE computers.
  4. A type of image or font that is constructed from a grid of dots.
  5. A working environment implemented on the ST-Falcon range of computers that is a form of GUI.
  6. A hardware device that is commonly used as a form of copyright protection (as used by Steinberg Cubase and EMAGIC Notator).
  7. A word that doesn't really mean anything! The Falcon030 was supposed to be this (and more!) because it could display and manipulate data (text, images, audio and video) in weird and wonderful ways. Often hyped.
  8. The corporation we all knew and loved but has since died (RIP).
  9. What you see is what you get! Clear and simple ;-)
  10. High-speed, read-write memory.
  11. A microcomputer manufactured by Atari and was the successor to the STFM.
  12. The Control Panel accessory written for TOS that had the ability to load and unload modules on the fly.
  13. The name of the ill fated Atari microcomputer without a keyboard or mouse.
  14. Atari's version of a hard disk driver software.
  15. The name of the operating system found in the ST-Falcon range.
  16. A type of software that is released into the public domain which may be used (usually for a specified amount of time or under conditions specified in the accompanying documentation) before payment is required.
  17. The part of TOS that provides the window/icon interface.
  18. A device receives electrical input and produces output on paper or card. Output can be either B&W or in colour.
  19. Commonly the principle input device to a microcomputer. The device can be separate or integral to the microcomputer.
  20. This term is used to describe the size of a screen. The ST range is limited to three as does the TT range while the Falcon030 has these and more!
  21. Warning!
  22. The name of the hand-held games console by Atari that, in my opinion, was twice as good as Nintendo's GameBoy.

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